Concrete Roof, Tile Roof, Slate Roof and Terracotta Roofing Products

Sydney Re-Roofing proudly works with Australia's leading roof tile manufacturers and suppliers to ensure that you get the very best roofing solution for your Sydney home or business.

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Terracotta Roof Tiles

Terracotta roofing tiles are hard wearing roof tiles that are strong and durable. They are made from blends of natural clays and shales. The roofing tiles are kiln fired at extremely high temperatures, making them resistant to any fading that may be caused by the elements.

Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete roofing tiles are strong, durable and cost effective. These tiles are made from a mixture of graded sands and cement that are moulded and when set, painted. This gives you an array of colours and styles to choose from.


Sarking is an impervious barrier comprising of foils and films of diverse materials which is used to prevent water from penetrating the building envelope beyond the exterior roof and wall cladding.

Flexible Pointing

A flexible pointing material should be applied following dry fixing. Flexible pointing also has greater adhesions – 20 to 30 times that of conventional bedding and pointing - as well as the ability to absorb structural movement without cracking.

The result is an attractive, water-tight, durable ridge capping that should not require maintenance or repair for many years. Initial labour costs may also be reduced making this enhanced method of fixing ridge capping on steep pitches both cost-effective and structurally superior. A range of dry fixing materials is available for other applications including valleys and bird-proofing of eaves.

Roof Re - Pointing

Roof tiles and mortar joints should be checked regularly by your roofing expert. Roof re pointing can prevent leaks and expensive re roofing work. If cracks start to appear in the mortar, the best option is roof re pointing. Sydney Re Roofing is the roof restoration experts that can provide affordable and quality roof re pointing.

Gutter Re Placement

Gutters and downpipes prevent water damage to walls and foundations. Since they're out of reach, maintenance and repair can be neglected. Damage may be minor and easily repaired, often with a squirt of silicone. If damage is extensive then installing a new gutter system is a sound option.

Other Roofing Products and Resources

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